The Trust

The Estate of Bert Stern was formed during the artist’s lifetime for the purpose of preserving and protecting his legacy. Stern passed away on June 26, 2013 in New York. His will was probated in 2016 and the Bert Stern Trust was established. He named his wife, Shannah Laumeister Stern, as his successor Trustee. Today, the Trust continues to carry on his legacy and protect his legendary works of art that hold great historical importance. Its the mission of the Trust to introduce these works to current and future generations as well as connect and document the stories behind the works. Along with his photographs, the Trust preserves the historic Sybil Douglas House in Sag Harbor that Stern purchased in 1992. The house is where Stern shot thousands of images and is home to his archives. Trustee Shannah Laumeister Stern plans to turn the house into the Bert Stern Foundation that will showcase Stern’s archival works as well as further educate on the photography authenticity of art and support the education and aspirations of future photographers and artists.